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Water projects in NSW

Map of Water projects in NSW

This map shows initiatives that are either completed, committed to or being investigated as part of the NSW Water Strategy.

The map shows how we are working in partnership across the water sector at all levels of government to invest in water infrastructure and service improvements.

The map includes:

  • initiatives that have been completed
  • initiatives that either have committed funding or are for immediate detailed planning
  • initiatives that are proposed for potential commitment or implementation in the future.

Using the map

Explore projects

  • You can turn project filters on and off by clicking this icon at the top tight of the page.
  • View projects by clicking points on the map or by using the filters located to the right of the map (if you have the filters switched on)
  • Search by specific programs of work by using the left navigation bar or by switching on or off, each of the filters on the right.
  • To search for a specific project or suburb within NSW, use the map search bar.
  • To zoom the map in and out, use the scroll function on your mouse or the zoom function on the right of the map screen.