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Lower Hunter Water Plan

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment brings together specialists in urban and regional planning, natural resources, industry, environment, heritage, Aboriginal and social housing, and regional New South Wales.

The Lower Hunter Water Plan includes actions to supply, save and substitute water that are already in place or underway, as well as additional measures to respond to droughts when they occur. It was developed in 2014.

The measures included in the plan will reduce the amount of water required to serve the lower Hunter’s needs, make better use of existing storages, and provide extra supply as a contingency in extreme droughts. Some measures will apply all the time, to reduce demand or substitute supply, while others will only be activated as storage levels fall during droughts. The key elements of the plan are summarised below.

The Department of Planning and Environment is currently working with Hunter Water, Central Coast Council, other government agencies, stakeholders and the community to develop the next iteration of the Lower Hunter Water Plan.

The Lower Hunter Water Plan is designed to be flexible to adapt to challenges, such as our highly variable climate patterns and changes to other factors, such as population and business growth, technology and behaviour patterns.

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