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Regional water strategies in New South Wales

Identifying and assessing strategy options

We have developed a decision-making process to help identify options that meet our objectives.

We have developed a decision-making process for the strategies to assess and prioritise options that meet one or more of our objectives and combine them in a way that maximises the resilience of the region’s water resources, now and for the future.

We will use the best and latest evidence, and a range of assessment tools to identify risks and opportunities associated with each option.

The process is consistent with the NSW Government’s policies for evidence-based decision-making and economic analysis. It is also consistent with the objectives of the NSW Water Management Act 2000 and with other policy obligations, including the Murray Darling Basin Plan. It is also compliant with NSW Treasury Guidelines.

The figure below illustrates the five broad stages of the options assessment decision-making process. Further information on the process is available in the Regional Water Strategies Guide (PDF, 3559.18 KB).


The options assessment framework developed for the regional water strategies aims to address these challenges in a transparent, evidence-based and consistent way.

Options assessment process (PDF, 4.9 MB)

Options assessment

Also available to download in a larger size (JPG, 441.32 KB).

The process will be used to assess and prioritise the long list of draft options into a series of proposed options for implementation in each final regional water strategy. The options will also need to be considered within the context of existing Australian and NSW Government commitments and reforms.

Regional Water Strategies Guide

Outlining our approach to the sustainable and integrated management of water resources of the State for the benefit of both present and future generations.

Download PDF (3.5 MB)

Read more about regional water strategies and how we are working to improve the resilience of our water resources and balancing different water needs.

Download PDF (94.6 KB)

Read more about the relationship between regional water strategies and water sharing plans.

Download PDF (887.2 KB)

Read more about values for inclusion in the cost-benefit analysis to support NSW Regional Water Strategies.

Download PDF (1.7 MB)