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Water Efficiency Program

Smart Water Advice

The NSW Government and The Water Conservancy are partnering with local water utilities and councils to provide subsidised subscriptions to the Smart Water Advice resource.

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Subscribers to Smart Water Advice receive water efficiency tips and advice, interactive communication tools and resources, all tailored for use with their communities.

Local water utilities and councils who are not current subscribers of Smart Water Advice can apply for a three-year subscription for the cost of just one year. Existing subscribers will receive an additional year of their membership at no additional cost.

This partnership is part of the NSW Government’s Water Efficiency Program. We are committed to ensuring communities across NSW are resilient, prosperous, and liveable by improving how we share, manage and use water.

Water efficiency initiatives allow us to manage water use more effectively without impacting on basic water needs and can reduce daily and long-term water use. Water efficiency measures also provide low-cost ways to reduce demand on finite water resources.

Smart Water Advice is a resource designed to help water utilities, businesses, and councils to provide professional water efficiency information to their customers. This improves community awareness and understanding and influences community behaviour when it comes to water efficiency and reduced water waste.

The benefits:

  • Smart Water Advice removes the need for each council/utility to develop water efficiency resources independently.
  • Smart Water Advice provides resources to those utilities/councils that do not have a dedicated water efficiency team and who do not have the time to produce such resources.
  • Resources are developed so that members can cut and paste, embed or link to the content they think their residents need to hear about the most.

What the subscription includes

Subscribers of Smart Water Advice have access to the following quality, online resources for the home, garden and at work.

  • Access to over 35 online pages of water saving tips and advice ‘How to’ videos & water efficiency YouTube playlists and a photo library.
  • Interactive resources like Plant finder, Blue House and Water Calculator
  • Printable materials like factsheets, posters and postcards
  • Television commercials, pull up banners and bill inserts
  • Support for water efficiency campaign delivery
  • Household kits, accommodation kits and school kits and Smart Water audits for non-residential water users.

The resources in action

Across NSW, 41 local water utilities have signed up since the program began in 2016. In that time, members like Tamworth Council have used the tools to send out over 19,000 household factsheets, audited 52 large water users and identified opportunities that could save as much as 24% of the total water currently used.

Bourke Shire Council distributed water timers and information pamphlets which achieved a reduction in water usage of around 20% and Walcha Council used the water advice resources to create a local promotional campaign on social media and in print to engage the local community.

How to subscribe and for more information

You can subscribe to the Smart Water Advice by emailing info@thewaterconservancy.org or visit www.thewaterconservancy.org for more information. Offer ends 30 June 2022.

Local water utilities and councils had the opportunity to learn more about the Smart Water Advice subscription offer and hear from the department on water efficiency initiatives.

Partnership approach

We have a dedicated Water Efficiency Program team who are collaborating with key stakeholders, including the Water Directorate, Local Government NSW, local water utilities, industry leaders and other government agencies.

To stay in touch on water efficiency programs or for more information contact the team by emailing water.efficiencyprogram@dpie.nsw.gov.au.