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Wyangala Dam wall raising

A major augmentation of Wyangala Dam would deliver improved water security, drought resilience and flood attenuation benefits for the Lachlan Valley.

Transition to Water Infrastructure NSW

As of 1 July 2021, responsibility for the proposed Wyangala Dam Wall Raising project transitioned from WaterNSW to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Water Infrastructure NSW, which is a Division of the Water Group.

For project continuity, key project staff have also moved across and previous WaterNSW project specific contact points (for example, email and phone numbers) are being forwarded.

What's happening in October/November?

  • The project team are hosting our next round of community information webinars. Join us for an introduction to the project, or a general project update.
    • Introduction to the project – these webinars are an opportunity to bring you up to speed on the project, ahead of attending a project update session. RSVP to the webinar.
    • Project update webinars – these webinars will provide the latest information about the project’s progress. RSVP to the webinar.
  • Ongoing local business engagement for the new water treatment plant at Wyangala. Read our local business newsletter for latest project updates, procurement opportunities and how to get involved.


In October 2019, the Prime Minister and NSW Premier announced the planning and delivery of three new or augmented dams in NSW. Included in this package was the raising of Wyangala Dam wall to improve water security, drought resilience and flood attenuation in the Lachlan Valley.

The Wyangala Dam Wall Raising project is expected to create capacity for an additional 650 gigalitres, or 53 per cent more storage. The project will involve raising the dam wall to increase the Full Supply Level by 10 metres.

The Wyangala Dam Wall Raising project was identified in the NSW Government’s 20-year Water Infrastructure Study and was selected due to its initial feasibility study and significant benefits to the Lachlan Valley.

The project has been classified as Critical State Significant Infrastructure and it will be delivered on an accelerated timeline while still meeting all the necessary planning approvals.

Project next steps include:

  • field investigations almost complete
  • environmental surveys almost complete
  • hydrology and flood modelling ongoing
  • new Wyangala water treatment plant planning approval underway
  • new Wyangala water treatment plant construction to start in 2021
  • Environmental Impact Statement public display in 2021
  • final business case submitted in 2021
  • main dam wall construction to start in 2022
  • main construction work expected to take about four years.
Important information

Note that project timelines can be affected by a range of factors including weather conditions, increased time to carry out consultation and where technical analysis and assessments require further work or investigation. Water Infrastructure NSW places the highest priority on the safety and wellbeing of its staff and the communities we work with. We are closely adhering to the current COVID-19 Public Health Orders which may have an impact on project activities and timelines. This website will be regularly updated to reflect this and so communities are notified of changes.

Key benefits of the project include:

There are many benefits which will be realised during and after the construction of this project. Key benefits driving the project include:

  • dam storage capacity will be increased by 53 per cent
  • approx. 21 gigalitres per annum additional estimated yield for general security license use
  • a significant improvement in:
    • water security
    • drought resilience
    • flood attenuation for the Lachlan Valley
  • local business and employment opportunities maximised throughout the project.

The Wyangala Dam wall raising is expected to:

  • improve productivity of primary industries
  • provide greater certainty of water reliability to support additional investment by businesses, particularly in the agricultural sector, including:
    • transitioning to higher yield agricultural products
    • increasing stock levels.
  • secure the region’s town water supplies, stimulating the growth of the regional economy and supporting future population growth.

Water Infrastructure NSW is committed to partnering with the community, stakeholders and customers so together we can achieve the best outcomes from this critical infrastructure project. Community engagement will occur at every stage of the project.

Latest project updates

View a full list of project updates.

Planning and delivery

For detailed project planning information please visit the NSW Government Planning portal.

View the Environmental Assessment Requirements (PDF, 232 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

See answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Wyangala Dam Wall Raising project.

Guiding principles

Water Infrastructure NSW is committed to these guiding principles in the planning, development, and construction of this project:

  • maximising benefits and opportunities for local people, businesses and communities
  • using local contractors and services
  • engaging early, particularly on environmental and cultural impacts
  • working directly and personally with upstream landholders who may be impacted by inundation from the rise in water level
  • maximising customer benefits
  • modelling and explaining future flood frequency scenarios
  • having a local point of contact for community groups, stakeholders and landholders.

Water Infrastructure NSW will work closely with the community to address the issues and opportunities that arise through the life of the project in further detail.

Contact us

To speak with the project team, phone 1800 735 822 or email wyangaladamproject@dpie.nsw.gov.au

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Local business register

Water Infrastructure NSW is encouraging local businesses to register as a supplier for the Wyangala Dam Wall Raising project. The local business register will be provided to the major construction contractors so they can demonstrate how they will maximise local business and employment opportunities as part of the tender process.

For this project local business is defined as 150km from the project area, including Condobolin.

Please note, registering your interest does not guarantee employment.

Register your business

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