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Wilcannia Weir replacement

About the project

Water Infrastructure NSW is designing and constructing a new weir for Wilcannia on behalf of the State and Australian Governments under the Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure program. $30 million in funding has been announced to replace the weir at a new site location that was supported and agreed upon by the community during previous investigations and consultation by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Water division.

The Wilcannia Weir was constructed in 1942 for the purpose of providing a more reliable town water supply for Wilcannia. Water levels have decreased due to development activities since the weir was built, causing the river to be altered and removed from the community of Wilcannia.

The new weir will provide long-term town water supplies to preserve and enhance the social, economic and environmental benefits for Wilcannia, its people and its surrounds.

A dedicated Water Infrastructure NSW project team has been assembled to undertake the concept design and environmental assessment for the new weir so the project can progress to the construction phase by the end of 2022, subject to receiving environmental approvals.


The new weir aims to deliver a range of benefits including:

  • improved water security for Wilcannia
  • enhanced cultural connection to the river
  • improved water management of the weir pool
  • increased tourism opportunities and investment
  • better recreational amenity to walk, swim, picnic and fish
  • improved native fish migration.

Community consultation

Water Infrastructure NSW understands the importance of the river to the community and want to design and construct a weir that meets community needs and expectations and maintains the strong connection people have to the river.

Community drop-in sessions, to share information and get feedback on the development of the project, are being held at key milestones. Regular updates to the community via newsletter, fact sheets, newspaper and radio are being made available.

Why Wilcannia needs a new weir and the benefits of its installation

Learn about the history of the existing Wilcannia Weir, what the new weir will look like and how the team worked with the community on its planning.
October 2021

How the new weir will work

Understand the innovative design proposed for the new weir site and how it will benefit both the people of Wilcannia and the environment.
December 2021

What planning processes does the weir need to go through

Learn about the rigorous environmental planning process the weir project has to go through ahead of construction.
November 2021

What the Wilcannia Weir Replacement Project means to the community

Hear about what the project means to the Wilcannia community and how they will contribute to the weir’s development.
December 2020

How the project is creating local employment opportunities

Learn about the Union Bend Road upgrade and how it is supporting employment in the Wilcannia region.
March 2022

The training initiatives as part of the project

Hear from some of the Wilcannia locals who have completed training and development programs as part of the new weir project.
April 2021

Project updates

Media articles

A Baaka Adventure with Gillie

To further support community engagement and awareness of the weir replacement project, a children’s activity booklet A Baaka Adventure with Gillie was developed. The booklet provides educational information on local river life and ecology. Individual booklet pages or a set of 6 combined pages can be downloaded as PDFs from the links below:

Contact us

For more information about the weir replacement email us at wilcanniaweir@dpie.nsw.gov.au or call 1300 081 047.