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Local water utilities

Local water utility performance

Regional local water utilities can use the online performance monitoring database to annually report water supply and sewerage data, and review previous reports.

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Analysing performance trends

The department regularly collects information from each local water utility under Section 8 of the Regulatory and Assurance Framework for Local Water Utilities (2022) PDF, 1100.53 KB. This information helps us to analyse and benchmark performance trends for each local water utility.

The data we collect is useful for:

  • decision-makers to identify performance trends over time
  • local water utilities to understand their performance compared to other local water utilities and identify opportunities to improve.
  • customers and the community to compare the performance of local water utilities

Performance monitoring database

The performance monitoring data dashboard below provides a comparison of all local water utilities in regional NSW.


The information contained in the performance monitoring database dashboard is based on knowledge and understanding at the time of writing and may not be accurate, current or complete. The State of NSW (including the NSW Department of Planning and Environment), the author and the publisher take no responsibility, and will accept no liability, for the accuracy, currency, reliability or correctness of any information included in the dashboard (including material provided by third parties). Readers should make their own inquiries and rely on their own advice when making decisions related to material contained in this publication.


General notes about indicator names:

  • WS refers to water supply services indicators
  • Sge refers to sewage services indicators
  • W&S refers to combined indicators for water supply and sewage services.

Performance monitoring database

The online performance monitoring database allows regional local water utilities to annually report their water supply and sewerage data.

The database provides storage and processing of local water utility water and sewerage performance data. It is also linked to internal databases used for program management and asset inspection.

The database also provides status reporting for local water utilities on their Section 90 trade waste applications (login required).

Login to the performance monitoring database

Local water utility performance

Performance monitoring and benchmarking are required under the National Water Initiative.

The Department of Planning and Environment monitors and annually reports the overall performance of local water utilities as a public 'report card' in the annual NSW Water Supply and Sewerage Performance Monitoring Report.

The report is provided to regional water utilities and allows NSW to comply with the National Water Initiative.Performance monitoring and benchmarking provides assurance to the NSW Government that each local water utility is performing satisfactorily.

How we use the performance data

The annual performance data collected through the performance reporting portal is used by the department for:

  • risk-based targeting of department resources
  • proactive action by utility, other regulators, or department
  • risk and performance monitoring
  • analysis and publishing of relevant data

To avoid duplication of local water utility reporting and related inconsistencies, the department:

  • accesses information reported by local water utilities to other regulators and government agencies
  • shares information reported by local water utilities with other regulators and government agencies.

Performance indicators

The performance data collected and published by the department is linked to a set of performance indicators, which include assets, connections, environment, financial, health, pricing and water data. These performance indicators are currently being reviewed and might change in the future.

Local water utility performance monitoring reports

View previous local water utility performance monitoring and benchmarking reports.

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Regulatory and assurance framework

The regulatory and assurance framework is designed to make sure that local water utilities manage risks effectively and strategically. It applies to local water utilities in regional NSW.

More about Regulatory and assurance framework