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Licensing and trade

Find information on the water licensing and work approval processes.

If you are a water user, it is your responsibility to make sure you obtain all necessary licences and approvals before taking water or starting any work near a water source.

The department understands that water regulation legislation and requirements in NSW can be complex.

If you are taking or using surface or groundwater, or you are undertaking an activity near a water source, it is your responsibility to make sure you follow the rules that manage water in NSW.

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Authorisations to construct certain works or carry out certain activities which can impact on land and water resources.


Licences to take water from a river, lake or aquifer.

Basic landholder rights

Water take without a water licence or approval in certain circumstances.

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Assessment timeframes

The Licensing and Approvals team are currently experiencing extended delays in the issuing of licences, approvals and enquiry responses. These delays are expected until December 2022.

We apologise for the inconvenience these delays are having on our customers.

Visit Assessment timeframes for more information.

Reducing red tape for water licences and approvals

Water licensing improvement program to transform water licensing and approvals for water users in NSW.

Public notices

A list of current works approval applications, including information on how to object.


Water licences are a valuable asset. You can trade water access licences, licence shares and water allocations.


Compliance with licence and approval requirements is critical to sharing of our precious water.

Hydro line spatial data

A dataset of mapped watercourses and waterbodies in NSW.


Departments and agencies with water management responsibilities in NSW.

NSW Water Register

Public access to information about water licences, approvals, water trading and environmental water.

Major projects

Major projects are state significant developments and infrastructure under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.