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Science, data and modelling

Water is a limited resource and must be managed both for immediate needs and for long-term economic and environmental sustainability. With the effects of climate change, and increasing demands for water, sound policies are required to ensure a sustainable supply of water for present and future generations.

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Surface water science

We use surface water science to better understand the environments supported by surface water, to improve water management.

Groundwater management & science

Discover more about groundwater, why it is important, and how we use groundwater science to improve water management.


Strategy & collaboration

The five year strategy for water science in the department and opportunities to collaborate on research projects.


We are Australia's largest water monitoring agency, with over 5,000 monitoring stations.


We use a range of modelling techniques to understand how our river and groundwater systems behave.


Maps for viewing and/or downloading, as well as interactive mapping tools.


Cease to flow periods

Find out about the climate cycles and cease to flow periods for the last 130 years in the Barwon-Darling region.