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Our department is responsible for surface and groundwater management including ensuring water security for NSW.

About us

How we work and how water is managed.

Science, data and modelling

Water is a limited resource and must be managed both for immediate needs and for long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

Basins and catchments

Playing an important role in researching and reporting on river, groundwater and catchment health.


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Water projects in NSW

This map shows initiatives that are either completed, committed to or being investigated as part of the NSW Water Strategy.

It shows how we are working in partnership across the water sector at all levels of government to invest in water infrastructure and service improvements.

How we use eDNA

Learn more about how we use eDNA to help us monitor waterways across NSW.


NSW water strategy

A 20-year state-wide strategy to improve the security of our water resources.

Hanging Rock Lookout overlooking Shoalhaven River at Nowra, New South Wales. Image courtesy of DNSW.

Regional water strategies

Review our draft strategies, attend a public information session and have your say.

Macquarie River near Dubbo in NSW.

Greater Sydney Water Strategy

The NSW Government has developed the Greater Sydney Water Strategy.

Sydney CBD on an Autumn day.

Menindee Lakes cultural significance

Find out why the Menindee Lakes and Darling River (the Baaka) are so culturally important to the Barkindji people.

Our work

Water Infrastructure NSW

Leading the development and delivery of key government water infrastructure projects and programs across the state.

Menindee Lakes Weir

Healthy floodplains program

Reforming the management of floodplains through the development of plans and licensing of harvesting water extractions.

Gwydir wetlands in northern New South Wales.


Responsible for the enforcement of water laws in NSW through licensing, monitoring compliance and education.

NRAR staff inspecting water pump.

Regional water strategies in New South Wales

Sustainable and integrated water resource management for the benefit of present and future generations.

Sandy beach by Macquarie River, Dubbo. Image courtesy of Destination NSW.

Water sharing plans

The primary tool to define water-sharing plans in your region.

Coonancoocabil Lagoon MIA 11 Murrumbidgee Valley National Park

WaterInsights portal

Providing comprehensive information about how water is managed and shared in NSW.

WaterNSW insights portal

Basins and catchments

Playing an important role in researching and reporting on river, groundwater and catchment health.

Aerial of the Great Artesian Basin, NSW.

Water utilities

Regulating and supporting regional NSW’s local water utilities to provide safe, secure and sustainable water supply and sewage services.

Safe and Secure Water Program

Environmental water hub

Find out everything you need to know about water for the environment.

Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii) juvenile.