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Water allocation statements

Issued to confirm the sharing of available water for a specific water source or announce an increase in an allocation to a licence category.

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What are water allocation statements?

Water allocation statements are issued to announce allocations for a specific water source and licence category. These statements may also be issued to provide a summary of current allocations, outlook and possible future water availability scenarios for major river valleys and systems.

When an opportunity to access a supplementary flow event occurs, the department approves such events and WaterNSW issues ‘Supplementary announcements’.

During times of drought, the prevailing drought stage for each river valley is included in statements. The drought stage is determined in accordance with the critical trigger levels outlined in the incident response guides (IRGs) developed by the department. Further information on the IRGs is available at extreme events.

Water allocation statements for the current year and past five years can be accessed below.

Water allocation statements

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Date and time Water source
15/07/2024 NSW Murray and Lower Darling (PDF, 358.8 KB)
15/07/2024 Murrumbidgee Valley (PDF, 242.6 KB)
10/07/2024 Macquarie-Cudgegong Valleys (PDF, 559.9 KB)
08/07/2024 Lachlan Valley (PDF, 277.2 KB)
05/07/2024 Gwydir Valley (PDF, 303.7 KB)
05/07/2024 Namoi Valley (PDF, 488.0 KB)
01/07/2024 NSW Unregulated River Water Sources – 1 July 2024 (PDF, 77.6 KB)
01/07/2024 NSW Regulated River Water Sources –1 July 2024 (PDF, 202.5 KB)
01/07/2024 NSW Groundwater Sources – 1 July 2024 (PDF, 85.6 KB)
13/06/2024 Macquarie-Cudgegong Valleys (PDF, 381.0 KB)
11/06/2024 Lachlan Valley (PDF, 283.3 KB)
07/06/2024 Gwydir Valley (PDF, 490.2 KB)
07/06/2024 Namoi Valley (PDF, 532.5 KB)
20/05/2024 NSW Groundwater Sources (PDF, 147.1 KB)
17/05/2024 Belubula Valley (PDF, 226.2 KB)
17/05/2024 Hunter Valley (PDF, 207.4 KB)
15/05/2024 Murrumbidgee Valley (PDF, 214.1 KB)
15/05/2024 NSW Murray and Lower Darling (PDF, 223.7 KB)
10/05/2024 Macquarie-Cudgegong Valleys (PDF, 452.4 KB)
08/05/2024 Lachlan Valley (PDF, 420.8 KB)
07/05/2024 Gwydir Valley (PDF, 391.3 KB)
07/05/2024 Namoi Valley (PDF, 535.2 KB)
06/05/2024 NSW Border Rivers (PDF, 234.7 KB)
18/04/2024 Richmond Valley (PDF, 223.7 KB)
18/04/2024 Peel Valley (PDF, 192.5 KB)
15/04/2024 NSW Murray and Lower Darling (PDF, 224.7 KB)
15/04/2024 Murrumbidgee Valley (PDF, 214.8 KB)
11/04/2024 Macquarie-Cudgegong Valleys (PDF, 493.1 KB)
09/04/2024 Lachlan Valley (PDF, 390.5 KB)
08/04/2024 Gwydir Valley (PDF, 355.4 KB)
08/04/2024 Namoi Valley (PDF, 412.2 KB)
26/03/2024 Paterson Valley (PDF, 232.2 KB)
15/03/2024 Murrumbidgee Valley (PDF, 215.0 KB)
15/03/2024 NSW Murray and Lower Darling (PDF, 223.8 KB)
12/03/2024 Macquarie-Cudgegong Valleys (PDF, 382.9 KB)
08/03/2024 Lachlan Valley (PDF, 319.7 KB)
07/03/2024 Namoi Valley (PDF, 541.5 KB)
07/03/2024 Gwydir Valley (PDF, 543.4 KB)
27/02/2024 NSW Border Rivers (PDF, 368.0 KB)
26/02/2024 Bega Brogo Valleys (PDF, 241.3 KB)
26/02/2024 Hunter Valley (PDF, 299.4 KB)
15/02/2024 Richmond Valley (PDF, 234.8 KB)
14/02/2024 Belubula Valley (PDF, 226.8 KB)
12/02/2024 Macquarie-Cudgegong Valleys (PDF, 374.6 KB)
08/02/2024 Lachlan Valley (PDF, 285.3 KB)
07/02/2024 Gwydir Valley (PDF, 977.8 KB)
07/02/2024 Namoi Valley (PDF, 1.0 MB)
01/02/2024 Murrumbidgee Valley (PDF, 1.1 MB)
30/01/2024 NSW Border Rivers (PDF, 791.0 KB)
15/01/2024 Murrumbidgee Valley (PDF, 1.0 MB)
11/01/2024 Macquarie-Cudgegong Valleys (PDF, 1.0 MB)
09/01/2024 Lachlan Valley (PDF, 953.5 KB)
08/01/2024 Namoi Valley (PDF, 1.0 MB)
08/01/2024 Gwydir Valley (PDF, 925.4 KB)
02/01/2024 Murrumbidgee Valley (PDF, 1.0 MB)

Answers to frequently asked questions about how growth in use is managed in water sharing plans that exceed the plan extraction limit in the Lower Namoi water source 2023-24.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the 1 July 2022 state-wide opening allocations.

Access our historical water allocation statements from 2019 – 2023.