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An introduction to Water

A series of introductory guides explaining the key work and responsibilities of the water group.

View of Lake - Image credit: Jason King

An introduction to water

These introductory guides explain the water group's key work and responsibilities.

Darling River at The Coach and Horses Campground Wilga Station near Wilcannia Walga precinct. The only unregulated section of the Murray Darling Basin.

Find out about water allocations, why we need them and how they are allocated.

Cows in a paddock

Find out about the three types of basic landholder rights in NSW.

Water bore in the with a windmill in the background

Find out about Great Artesian Basin, why it's important and how it is managed.

Aerial view of the Murray River with trees along the bank snaking it's way around a town on the background

Find out about Murray-Darling Basin, why it's important and how it is managed.

Menindee lake, Kinchega National Park - Image credit: Natasha Webb/DCCEEW

Learn the basics about hypoxic water, what it is and why it matters.


Learn the basics about groundwater in NSW, what it is and how it is managed.

Hastings River - Image credit: John Lugg

Find out why rivers and streams are important and how they vary across NSW.

Bellinger River on the Mid North Coast in New South Wales.

Learn the basics about water sharing plans, what they are and why we need them.

Flowing water at Never Never River.

A range of water education resources for use with children, school students and communities.