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Metering extension for Coastal & Southern Inland water users

Water Users along the NSW Coast and in the Southern Inland will be given extra time to install non-urban metering equipment in the wake of unrelenting rainfall and widespread flooding.

Director of Water Planning Implementation, Allan Raine said the Department of Planning and Environment is extending the deadline by 6 months for the Southern Inland and by 12 months for Coastal NSW to give water users a reprieve as they continue to face ongoing flood events.

“La Nina has brought relentless rainfall, making it difficult for farmers to access sites to install technology, so we’re giving water users a little extra breathing space on metering compliance dates,” Mr Raine said.

“With the original deadline for Southern Inland fast approaching I know many water users have already installed the necessary equipment and I commend them for being proactive.

“For those yet to become compliant, I hope this extension can take the pressure off during a stressful and difficult time.”

The new compliance dates are:

  • 1 June 2023 for Southern Inland.
  • 1 December 2024 for Coastal NSW.

If water users are replacing old or damaged metering equipment, they must ensure their new meters are compliant with non-urban metering rules regardless of the new timelines.

“While we’re extending the timelines, I still encourage those water users who are in a position to install approved metering equipment to get on the front foot and put the technology in place well ahead of the new deadlines,” Mr Raine said.

“NSW remains committed to delivering a robust water metering framework, which aims to measure every drop, because if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

“Once compliant equipment is in place the non-urban metering rules will ensure NSW can improve the way it manages water use across the state securing a better water future for the next generation.”

Work is currently underway to make regulatory amendments that will bring these changes into effect.

For more information visit Non-urban metering.

Extra time to install non-urban metering equipment.
Extra time to install non-urban metering equipment in the wake of unrelenting rainfall and widespread flooding.