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Planned Upper Murrumbidgee environmental flows cancelled

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has cancelled a planned environmental water release from Tantangara Dam that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday 11 October 2022, due to current catchment conditions and forecast rainfall.

The current forecast for additional rainfall across an already saturated Upper Murrumbidgee catchment, has necessitated the cancellation of this planned environmental water release to avoid any unnecessary impacts on downstream landholders.

Even though the planned water release will not be taking place, landholders downstream of the Tantangara Dam are advised to take all necessary precautions with stock, fencing and property in proximity to the river in light of potential heavy rainfall forecast over the coming week.

Caution should also be used when crossing the river during high flows or flooding.

More information can be found at Snowy Montane Rivers increased flows.

The upper reaches of the Murrumbidgee River. Northern Kosciuszko National Park. New South Wales, Australia.
Planned environmental water release from Tantangara Dam has been cancelled.