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Temporary water restriction for Upper Murrumbidgee River

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has announced a temporary water restriction for the Upper Murrumbidgee River in the Murrumbidgee I and II water sources from Tuesday 7 February 2023.

The temporary water restriction increases the commence-to-pump threshold levels applicable to unregulated river and unregulated river (high flow) access licence holders.

The temporary water restriction is required to protect the delivery of three environmental water release events in the upper Murrumbidgee River from Tantangara Dam to improve the physical condition of in-stream habitat.

The three environmental release events from Tantangara Dam will span multiple days and have relatively small daily flow rates of between 30 to 125 megalitres per day. These events are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday 7 February until Friday 10 February
  • Sunday 26 February until Tuesday 28 February
  • Saturday 22 April until Friday 28 April.

The temporary water restriction applies to Murrumbidgee River unregulated water access licences holders who draw water from either Murrumbidgee I or II water sources, as described in the Water Sharing Plan for the Murrumbidgee Unregulated River Water Source 2012.

The temporary water restriction does not apply to stock and domestic water or town water supply.

The release dates above are earlier than the dates that the temporary water restriction applies. The time difference is due to the time it takes for the environmental flows to reach the water sources where the restriction applies. The restriction will remain in force up to and including Tuesday 2 May 2023, unless that date is amended or the order is repealed before that date.

For more information on the temporary water restriction visit temporary water restrictions.

For information on the commence-to-pump threshold levels visit: gazette.legislation.nsw.gov.au/so/download.w3p?id=Gazette_2023_2023-50.pdf

The upper reaches of the Murrumbidgee River. Northern Kosciuszko National Park. New South Wales, Australia.
Temporary water restriction for the Upper Murrumbidgee River in the Murrumbidgee I and II water sources.