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Winburndale Dam upgrade nears completion

The $16 million Winburndale Dam Flood Security Upgrade is nearing its final stages, with 19 of 25 pre-stressed ground anchors now installed to reinforce the dam wall.

The project is using modern engineering practices to strengthen the Dam so it can continue to serve Bathurst for many decades to come.

Winburndale Dam is more than 90 years-old which is why it’s vital this work is done to improve the infrastructure, so it can continue operating as a reliable and safe second water source for Bathurst.

The project is also making the most of local expertise, using Bathurst based contractor Eodo to deliver both the design and construction phases, which means money is flowing directly back to the Bathurst economy.

Reinforcing the dam has been complex and is a great example of how outstanding engineering and construction can come together to fix even the most difficult water infrastructure issues.

Installing the anchors to strengthen the Dam wall while it continues to act as an important water source for Bathurst has been challenging.

It involved divers inspecting and working on the structure underwater during construction while other equipment was being engineered on site to meet the unique needs of the project.

The project is jointly funded including $2.3 million from the NSW Government’s Safe and Secure Water Program and $13.75 million from Bathurst Regional Council.

The upgrade is over 90 per cent complete and is expected to be finished this year.

Two men surveying dam water
The project is using modern engineering practices to strengthen the Dam.