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Water Efficiency Program and Water Efficiency Framework

Water is critical to the health, resilience, liveability and economic sustainability of regional and metropolitan communities.

About the program

We are seeking new ways and approaches to working with the community to ensure we have secure, reliable water sources and to build future resilience to climate change and droughts. The efficient use of water will contribute to the sustainability of long-term supplies as population increases, build resilience to drought and support readiness to respond to future extremes in weather.

Better valuing our precious water resources is an important message in the NSW Water Strategy, with ongoing water conservation practices identified as a required part of managing the ongoing water needs of NSW communities.

Increased investment in water system efficiency, water conservation and demand management can delay the timing and reduce the scale of investment in new supply infrastructure and maximise the value of our resources. Water conservation is strongly supported by communities and businesses, and across government.

Washing Machine Replacement Trial

The NSW Government’s Washing Machine Replacement Trial helps social housing tenants across the state replace their inefficient top load

Woman loading front-end washing machine

Regional Leakage Reduction Program

A key aspect of the Water Efficiency Program is addressing network leakage and water loss as a priority.

Smart Water Advice Program

The NSW Government and Smart Approved WaterMark are partnering with local water utilities and councils to provide subsidised subscriptions

Water Efficiency Framework and Programs

The NSW Water Strategy identifies the need for improved water efficiency and conservation and under Action 6.5 the government has committed to the development of a state-wide Water Efficiency Framework and Program. The department’s Water Efficiency framework and associated programs will enable government, water utilities and the NSW community to use water more efficiently. This will help us make sustainable water infrastructure decisions.

The Framework is in development and we are currently consulting with local water utilities and the wider water sector.

Partnership Approach

We have a dedicated Water Efficiency Program team who are collaborating with key stakeholders, including the Water Directorate, Local Government NSW, local water utilities, industry leaders and other government agencies.

To stay in touch on water efficiency programs or for more information contact the team by emailing water.efficiencyprogram@dpie.nsw.gov.au.