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Water Infrastructure

Responsible for leading the development and delivery of key government water infrastructure projects and programs across the state.

Wyangala Dam

About Water Infrastructure NSW

Water Infrastructure NSW is responsible for leading the development and delivery of key government water infrastructure projects and programs across the state. We are committed to delivering world-class, water infrastructure projects that will contribute to the safety, security and sustainability of our valued water resources for our communities and the environment.

We recognise and acknowledge the unique relationship and deep connection to Country that Aboriginal people have, as the Traditional Owners and first peoples of Australia.

The wisdom and experience of local Aboriginal communities plays a critical role in informing our approach to water infrastructure projects and we have a dedicated engagement team who guide our ongoing engagement with Aboriginal communities across NSW.

We are committed to investing in our communities and focused on engaging and procuring local business first and foremost where possible, creating employment opportunities and boosting the economies of the towns where our projects are delivered.

How we work

Water Infrastructure NSW will collaborate across the water sector, with industry partners and stakeholders, to deliver innovative infrastructure and water management solutions, with a focus on outcomes that support the health, well-being and prosperity of our customers and communities as well as the natural environment.

We are working closely with communities, and our industry and government partners, to deliver projects and programs that:

  • increase the state’s long-term water security, such as the building of new dams and major pipelines
  • build drought resilience into our regional water supply, for example the delivery of water bore capping and replacement projects in the Great Artesian Basin
  • provide greater access to safe and sustainable water and wastewater services through co-funding new treatment plants and reservoirs in regional areas
  • expand ground water supplies in regional areas
  • improve outcomes for the environment by more effectively and efficiently delivering water to where it is needed in our rivers, creeks and wetlands
  • achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal communities, improving cultural water flows and delivering broad benefits via our projects.
Water Infrastructure NSW delivers these outcomes by:

  • leading the planning and delivery of key water infrastructure projects
  • building and maintaining respectful, trusted and collaborative relationships with communities
  • working with all levels of government to deliver water infrastructure projects
  • partnering with Aboriginal communities to ensure cultural needs are factored into the delivery of all our projects
  • building the capacity of the NSW water sector to deliver our pipeline of infrastructure projects.

Projects and programs

Water Infrastructure NSW is delivering a wide range of projects to provide long-term security and ensure water remains a protected resource. This includes increasing storage capacity through new dams, exploring new and innovative technologies that help improve the efficient use of water and investing in infrastructure enabling water to be recycled and reused safely and effectively.

We are delivering a wide range of infrastructure projects and programs to provide long-term water security, improved access to quality water supplies in regional areas and to ensure water remains a protected resource.

Download the Water Infrastructure NSW Project Overview brochure below.

Project overview brochure (PDF, 4057.49 KB)

Learn more about our projects/programs:

Dam projects

Investigating three dam projects critical to improving the resilience and water supply for regional communities in NSW.

Wyangala Dam

Regional projects

Delivering key major water infrastructure projects to improve water security in regional areas and cultural outcomes.

Old Wilcannia Weir spilling

Industry engagement

We are seeking a broad range of services to help develop and deliver our projects.

Better Bidgee program

Creating a better Bidgee and outcomes for communities, industries and the environment.

Murrumbidgee River at Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Better Baaka program

Creating a better Baaka and outcomes for communities, industries and the environment.

A beautiful sunset over Menindee, NSW.


Achieving similar or better outcomes for rivers, wetlands and wildlife using less water as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Reconnecting River Country Program

Connecting rivers to wetlands and floodplains for health of Country in the Murray and Murrumbidgee valleys.

Sunsetting over Darlington Point in Cookoothama.

Northern Basin projects

Delivering environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes across the northern-connected Basin.

Baffled fishway made with rocks allowing movement of migratory native fish species.

Water infrastructure grants and funding

Find out more about grant and funding programs being administered by Water Infrastructure NSW.

Junee water infrastructure

Visit the individual WINSW project pages to subscribe to ongoing project updates.

Stakeholder engagement

Water Infrastructure NSW is committed to building and maintaining respectful, trusted and collaborative relationships with our communities and stakeholders to ensure water infrastructure projects achieve the best possible outcomes.

We believe in engagement with real, tangible and practical outcomes that enables our communities to work in partnership to deliver projects that realise a wide range of benefits with minimal disruption.

We provide ample opportunities for our local communities and stakeholders to have their say on projects throughout their stages of development and delivery. This feedback is used as a key input into project decision making, including workshopping potential options and the timing and delivery of projects. Importantly, it also shapes how we design our consultation and engagement programs to ensure we are communicating with our communities most effectively.

Plan for delivering Aboriginal community outcomes

Water Infrastructure NSW is committed to ensuring our projects are aligned with the objectives and outcomes set out in the Aboriginal Water Strategy and we have a dedicated First Nations team guiding our engagement with Aboriginal communities across NSW.

Water Infrastructure NSW’s Plan for Delivering Aboriginal Community Outcomes outlines our commitment to putting Aboriginal engagement and inclusion at the centre of our work.

We will focus on five pillars to deliver improved Aboriginal community outcomes including:

  • community engagement: robust and ongoing engagement with Aboriginal communities on all our projects
  • cultural capability: culturally competent staff who demonstrate understanding of and respect for Aboriginal cultures and work effectively with Aboriginal communities
  • employment targets: sustainable and ongoing employment and development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within Water Infrastructure NSW
  • creating Pathways: Employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal communities associated with programs and projects
  • economic participation: Aboriginal communities are best placed to benefit directly from infrastructure investments.
Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Plan and upcoming engagement please phone 1300 081 047 or email water.enquiries@dpie.nsw.gov.au.