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Floodplain management

Consulting the community

We consult with the community about effective ways to successfully manage floodplain harvesting in the northern and southern Basins of NSW.

Community hall and discussion

Floodplain harvesting and the community

Effective consultation is a critical element of water management.

The NSW Government is reforming the management of water on the floodplains of inland NSW so that there is a fair share for all users and the environment.

This process involves evaluating the environmental and downstream benefits of limiting floodplain harvesting to legal levels, considering the collective impact of floodplain harvesting restrictions.

These benefits assessments will allow for informed public comment about the impacts of floodplain harvesting growth. Community consultation has been occurring since 2020.

Read and download summaries and presentations from previously held community consultations.

Engagement with First Nations people in the NSW water planning and management framework is a key priority of the NSW Water Strategy.