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NSW Groundwater Strategy

NSW Groundwater Strategy - Implementing the strategy

Keep up to date with the actions we’re taking to implement the NSW Groundwater Strategy.

NSW Groundwater Strategy Implementation Plan

A 52-point plan to progress our strategic priorities during 2023-2025.

Read the implementation plan (PDF. 4.4MB)

A risk-based implementation approach – in collaboration with a range of partners – combined with transparent monitoring, evaluation and reporting will make the NSW Groundwater Strategy effective over the long term and deliver measurable ‘on-the-ground’ results.

Getting our timing right

The NSW Groundwater Strategy has a 20-year timeframe. Not all actions in the strategy will commence immediately. Actions will be timed to meet existing challenges, identify and prepare for foreseeable challenges and lay the groundwork for adapting to future uncertainties and changed circumstances. Implementation funding will follow this staged approach.

Working with partners

Many actions will need to be implemented in collaboration with a range of partners including councils, other government agencies, the community and other non-government stakeholders. This partnership focus is about engaging meaningfully, building trust and transparency, reaching agreement on objectives, and listening and learning together.

Ongoing monitoring, adaptation and reporting

The strategy is designed to respond to changing circumstances and will be reviewed at least every five years or in response to significant changing circumstances. Amendments may also be made to the strategy in response to key changes in water demand, social preferences, science and technology, economic conditions or other events – including how climate change assumptions and responses evolve. We will report every year against actions in the implementation plan so that the community can track our progress.

Strategy process - Evalutate and learn to plan to do and back. Adjust in the centre and Community engagement around the whole circle.
NSW Groundwater Strategy process