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Local water utilities

Approval and inspection of treatment works

How to obtain approval for water supply and sewerage works, including water recycling schemes under Section 60 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Our approach

We assess proposed works to ensure they are fit for purpose and manage relevant risks. Works must provide robust and safe infrastructure for customers of council-owned local water utilities.

Once the works are constructed, we conduct regular inspections to confirm that they are being operated safely and appropriately.

Assessment and approval of water treatment, sewerage and reuse works

Under Section 60 of the Local Government Act 1993 and Section 292(1)(a) of the Water Management Act 2000, the Minister is responsible for approving local water utility works. This includes:

  • construction or extension of water treatment works by a council
  • provision of sewage from its area to be discharged, treated, or supplied to any person by a council
  • construction, maintenance, and operation of water management works and other associated works (including water treatment works and sewage works).

Assessments, applications, and inspections

Find the assessment status, approval result, and 60-day assessment clock of works approvals.

Learn how to obtain approval for water supply and sewerage works including water recycling schemes under Section 60 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Information about services to avoid treatment works failures is found in Section 6 of the Regulatory and assurance framework.

Water actions management system (WAMS) application portal

Assessment and approval data for all applications are received via the WAMS application portal, where you can log inquiries and check on assessment status.

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Support and advice

In addition to our regulatory role, we give technical and other advice to local water utilities proactively and whenever requested by the utility. The department can assist local water utilities with developing the project from concept through to tendering and commissioning.

Support and advice

Regulatory and assurance framework

The regulatory and assurance framework is designed to make sure that local water utilities manage risks effectively and strategically. It applies to local water utilities in regional NSW.

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