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Local water utilities

Councillor training

We have partnered with key stakeholders to design and develop councillor-specific training for water.

Councillor awareness and training

In response to feedback from the local water utility sector, we are developing a suite of materials to raise awareness of the risks in water management and the roles and responsibilities for councillors and other decision makers in regional NSW water utilities. The materials include an induction handbook, an induction webinar for newly elected councillors and case studies that highlight the roles decision makers and water utilities take in various scenarios in managing water services.

Councillor induction webinar

New and experienced councillors are encouraged to watch this webinar, which focuses on the importance of water services to regional communities, and role and responsibilities of councillors.

The webinar was recorded in April 2022 as part of the Office of Local Government’s Hit the Ground Running councillor induction webinar series.

Water: Make it your business

The Town Water Risk Reduction Program’s councillor induction webinar 'Water: Make it your business' is now available.

Video series

Role and responsibilities of councillors in regional NSW local water utilities

Mayors and councillors from regional NSW Council-owned local water utilities share their experiences and insights on the importance of water management.

Water is our business

Councillors share why water is an important part of Council’s business.

Visit the video series

Water industry induction handbook for decision-makers

The induction handbook is a resource for decision makers operating in a regional Council-owned local water utility, especially for councillors in councils and county councils.

The handbook is designed to support councillors and water managers understand the services of their local water utility. By posing questions and considerations the handbook provides guidance on some of the decisions that may be needed. The Word version of the handbook can be edited to make it specific to your local water utility. The handbook was updated in January 2023 to reflect the new Regulatory and assurance framework for local water utilities.

Councils and local water utilities can also use our editable induction presentation template (PPTX, 5943.51 KB) when inducting new councillors.

Induction handbook

Download your copy of the Water industry induction handbook for decision-makers.

PDF Version (PDF, 813KB)

Induction handbook

Download your copy of the Water industry induction handbook for decision-makers.

Microsoft word (DOCX, 35KB)