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Latest information about non-urban metering, including community engagement and project updates.

Review of the non-urban water metering rules

The NSW Government is carrying out a thorough review of the non-urban water metering rules to assess the progress that has been made since the rules came into effect. The review aims to identify what is and isn’t working and how the rules can be improved to make it quicker and easier for water users to comply.

Public consultation has now closed.

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Supply of metering equipment and installers in NSW

Last updated 2 June 2023

Metering equipment and installers



Number of certified meter installers in NSW


Irrigation Australia Limited

Number of pattern-approved meters available in NSW


Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Number of local intelligence devices available in NSW


NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

Upcoming non-urban metering stakeholder engagement

There are no upcoming engagement activities planned.

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30 October 2023

Join a 3-day training course to become qualified to install and validate non-urban water meters.

24 August 2023

The NSW Government has developed a telemetry coverage tool to identify your telemetry coverage in NSW.

24 August 2023

The department has published a portable pumps note—a guide to installing metering on portable pumps to assist duly qualified persons.

10 November 2022

Water Users along the NSW Coast and in the Southern Inland will be given extra time to install non-urban metering equipment in the wake of unrelenting rainfall and widespread flooding.

21 October 2022

The department has published FAQs to assist duly qualified persons with supplementary information about the non-urban metering framework.

30 September 2021

The NSW Government will make it easier for up to 500 small water users to access water under new rules which deliver more consistency to the Government’s metering policy.

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