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Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme

Upcoming major projects

Learn more about upcoming Hunter Valley Mitigation Scheme major projects.

Singleton Levee

Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme map

Use our map below to view all of the flood mitigation controls around the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme. Please zoom in to see the full extent of the scheme.

Current flood repair works

To be kept up to date with our upcoming work please email us at info.hvfms@dpie.nsw.gov.au.

We’ll continue to update our website as work on the scheme progresses.

Report damage

To report any damage to the Hunter valley Flood Mitigation Scheme please use the QR code below or contact us.

QR code for reporting damage.

Contact us

General enquiries

Phone: 1300 081 047 (business hours) or send us a message.