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Water Efficiency Program

Regional Leakage Reduction Program

A key aspect of the Water Efficiency Program is addressing network leakage and water loss as a priority.

Regional leakage reduction program

A key aspect of the Water Efficiency Program is addressing network leakage and water loss as a priority. The need to focus on local water utilities’ network leakage and water losses became apparent during the drought and has been reinforced during consultation with Councils and the wider sector as part of the Town Water Risk Reduction Program.

The department is undertaking a program in collaboration with the NSW Water Directorate and local water utilities that targets the pillars of effective leakage management. The program focuses on where the NSW Government can provide the most value to local water utilities, enhancing their ability to identify leaks and target and fix leaks as part of their asset management framework. The first stage of the program aims to save up to 7.5 billion litres of water by the end of 2024.

Part of the program involves the department providing specialist leak detectors who use technology such as high-powered listening devices to pinpoint leaks in pipes, meters and valves which allows local water utilities to act quickly to fix leaks. This partnership approach is a positive for both the utilities and their communities.

Program status

22 regional Local Government Areas have participated in the leak detection component of the program to date, where more than 2600 kilometres of water mains have been surveyed and over 900 leaks detected. A lot of these pipes have already been repaired by local water utilities, saving more than 700 million litres of water per year.

The department will engage service providers to work closely with local water utilities to survey a further 5000km of pipeline before June 2023 and an additional 2500km later that year.

Other DPE co-funded projects are also underway across another 24 Local Government Areas to improve water supply infrastructure, such as bulk water meters and network pressure reduction valves, further improving their ability to minimise water leakage.

If you would like to get involved, please register your interest by emailing water.efficiencyprogram@dpie.nsw.gov.au.