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Water Management (General) Regulation 2018 Hydro Line spatial data

Explore the interactive web map for Hydro Line spatial data. Check water licence exemptions and locate harvestable rights dam sites.

Sunet from Fitz roy lake in Southern highlands NSW.

Hydro Line spatial data

Hydro Line spatial data contains mapped information about watercourses and waterbodies in NSW, Australia. It is based on the Spatial Services (Department of Finance, Services & Innovation) NSW Hydro Line dataset.

The purpose of the Hydro Line spatial data is to determine the Strahler stream order of a stream. This information can help identify:

How to access the Hydro Line spatial map

The Hydro Line spatial data is available in the department’s web mapping portal.

Visit the web mapping portal


Zoom thresholds have been applied to aid drawing/refresh rates of the dataset. To view the entire watercourse network, you must do so at a scale of 2km or less, as indicated on the portal scale reference.

If you view the web mapping portal using a larger map scale, only a filtered view of major watercourses will be displayed. In this case, you may not be able to make an accurate determination of the Strahler stream order of a stream segment.

Fact sheet

Learn more about how to determine Strahler stream order.

Download the fact sheet (.PDF 93KB)

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