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NSW Aboriginal Water Strategy

Aboriginal Water Strategy and Action Plan

A draft strategy to identify ways of increasing water rights and ensure that Aboriginal people are empowered to contribute to water management and planning decisions.

Draft Aboriginal Water Strategy
Upcoming public exhibition

The draft NSW Aboriginal Water Strategy and Action Plan is on public exhibition from Monday 15 July until Sunday 25 August 2024. During this period, face to face engagements will take place with Aboriginal people and anyone with a deep interest in access to water for cultural and economic purposes for Aboriginal people. Webinars will also be held, and written submissions will be accepted.

Supporting documents

Draft Aboriginal Water Strategy consultation paper coming soon.

Background information

Information about past engagements and work to date can be found by visiting the Aboriginal Water Program page.

Community workshops

We are visiting multiple locations for face-to-face workshops, with Aboriginal people and anyone with a deep interest in access to water for cultural and economic purposes, to discuss the draft strategy and action plan in more detail.

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Online workshop

The online workshop will provide an overview of the draft Aboriginal Water Strategy and Action Plan and allow for feedback and questions.

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Online workshop

Date: Wednesday, 14 August
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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Have your say

The opportunity to provide feedback will open on Monday, 15 July 2024.

Contact us

Please email the department at water.enquiries@dpie.nsw.gov.au if you have any questions or would like further information.

Next steps

Following public consultation, we will consider the feedback received and finalise the strategy. We will also develop an action plan that will set out when we plan to commence each action, what we plan to achieve and by when.

Aboriginal water strategy next steps.
Journey towards the Aboriginal Water Strategy.

Artist acknowledgement: Nathan Peckham

As a proud Tubba-gah man from Dubbo in the Wiradjuri Nation, I respectfully acknowledge all nations which the NSW DPE operates on. I acknowledge this artwork will be viewed off my home country of the Tubba-gah people and therefore ask you accept this artwork as an offering on behalf of my family as a gesture of continuing the legacy of the knowledge of our ancestors.

I would also like to pay respect to all traditional custodians of the country whose ancestral lands we all walk upon. I thank the Elders for their wisdom, courage, and sacrifice and pledge my commitment to preserving their legacy for future generations.

- Nathan Peckham